Simple grammar rhymes

Beginners have to memorise a lot of new words and grammar. To make the process a bit easier, I and my colleague came up with a set of simple grammar rhymes that help our learners remember the crucial verb forms. ADVERT: [showmyads] In this post, I would like to share the rhymes with you.…


Placement test for beginners

Most placement tests are for adults. There are few placement tests for young students. Thus, when a teacher tries to test his or her students’ proficiency in English using a standard placement test, the students quickly become discouraged because they don’t understand anything. Then the final results tell you nothing about the students´ knowledge.…

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Learn the few adjectives with the right prepositions.

Adjectives with prepositions

Two days ago we encountered a simple exercise in our textbook. Students’ task was to fill in the missing prepositions. Even though my students are strong lower intermediate students who can understand a lot of English and speak quite fluently, they were not able to use the correct prepositions. Although the students met the…


Battle of Hastings

This material is a demonstration of the approach called CLIL. In CLIL You learn the content and thus you learn the language. However, experimenting a bit with the approach I like to do this a bit differently. First, I introduce the vocabulary through the mind map, then I present the text (this time in…


Verbs with two objects

Three days ago we were talking about presents with my students and I could hear that they were using the verbs buy,give, get etc. in a way that everyone would understand them but which was wrong. So, I created the following presentation and several exercises. What surprised me was that even after my presentation…


Time Clauses

In time clauses it is important to understand that you cannot use WILL after certain conjunctions, even though you are referring to the future. And that is the whole trick. If you do this (not will do this), your English will be fine. And that is what you need.   Time clauses - mind…


Prepositions AT IN ON – place

A week ago I published a post on prepositions AT, IN, ON for time. Several students asked me if I could do something like that for prepositions AT, IN, ON but for places. So here you are. There is a mind map graphically explaining the usage of the prepositions and then there are 3…


Prepositions AT IN ON for time

Many students have problems with the prepositions AT, IN, ON. Prepositions are such small words with nearly the same meaning that it seems that you can use any of them. But that is not true. If you want to sound well, you have to be careful with the prepositions. And believe me, it is…


Adverbs – elementary

I like teaching adverbs to students because it is very simple, there are only a few exceptions and you can see that they have learnt something immediately. Adverbs are an easy grammar point and students can use them in the same lesson and feel that they achieved something. ADVERT: [showmyads] Recently I have been…


Present perfect _ basics

Many students do not understand the present perfect tense. Here is an infographic which should make the present perfect tense easier for students to understand. Advertisement: [showmyads] Advertisement: [showmyads] And now it is time to practise the present perfect tense: Present perfect simple - penalty game. More games to practise present perfect tense can…

There is – grammar game
There is a coffee table

There is – grammar game

"There is " is a simple grammar point. You use it to describe a picture or a place.   If you have a look at this picture, you can say: There is a coffee table on the carpet. There is a sofa. There are two armchairs in the room. There isn’t a shower. There…

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