Three simple grammar rhymes

Simple grammar rhymes

Beginners have to memorise a lot of new words and grammar. To make the process a bit easier, I and my colleague came up with a set of simple grammar rhymes that help our learners remember the crucial verb forms.
[showmyads] In this post, I would like to share the rhymes with you. There is a short video for two rhymes and the text. And one of the rhymes comes only with the audio file. It seems that the best way to teach the grammar is to ask your students to memorise the poems, and then they use the underlying grammar automatically. I hope you will find these rhymes useful.

Simple grammar rhymes – Verb TO BE

I am small.
You are tall.
He is fat.
It is bad.
She is late.
It´s not great.
We are old.
They are cold.

Simple grammar rhymes – Verb HAVE GOT

She’s got a cat
He’s got a pet.
I’ve got a ball.
You’ve got a doll.
We’ve got a house.
They’ve got a mouse.
Sue’s got a parrot
It’s got a carrot.

Simple grammar rhymes – Present simple tense

You say.
I play.
We learn.
They turn.

He works.
She talks.
It rains.
He trains.

They live.
We make.
We give.
They take.

And here is just the audio recording:
Present simple – simple grammar rhyme MP3 ADVERT:

Simple grammar rhymes – How to use them

I always use the rhymes to introduce the grammar. I play the video and then we read the rhyme together with the video several times. I hand out the text and the students have to learn the rhyme by heart.

If you teach a monolingual class, it is a good idea to translate the rhyme.

In the following lesson, I ask the students to recite the rhyme and I introduce the grammar and we do several exercises.

I have to say that it really works and it is much easier for the students to learn and understand the grammar then.

Simple grammar rhymes – Share

If you have created your own rhyme, please do not be afraid to share it here. Please, post your rhymes in the comments. Thank you.

What is the best way to present the rhymes?

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