How much and How many explanation

Countability – How Much x How Many

I have not created a new infographic for quite some time. I have been pretty content using the materials here. But when I saw the materials for HOW MUCH, HOW MANY, LITTLE and FEW I realised that I would like to have something better. Therefore I created the following materials to help my students understand the grammar better.


I love teaching grammar generatively. I try to make materials which lead the students to form their own rules about a piece of grammar.

The following worksheet helps the students understand the usage of How much and How many.

The worksheet above works best, if students understand the concept of countability in English. Ask the students to study the examples and then use the colours to fill in all the items in the second table. Check their answers and elicit the rules they have formed.

Then explain the grammar using the following infographic.

Remember to tell the students that we use HOW MUCH with uncountable things and HOW MANY with countable things. The same rule is true for LITTLE and FEW.

Now the students complete the last table in the worksheet. Check their answers and elicit the grammar rules again.

Video practise

And now, once your students know the grammar, they can try the following video quiz:

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  1. Thank you posting all this material. It’s conscise and helpful!

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