Adverbs of Frequency word order

Adverbs of Frequency – Word Order

Master Yoda never bothered with the word order. But when my young padawans do the same I am not really happy. I yearn for a lightsaber precision.

Especially adverbs of frequency should go in the right places. So here I would like to share a set of materials to help you teach this grammar.

Generative Grammar worksheet

Make your own rule and you will never forget it. But to form the rule correctly you need guidance.

Recently, I have created several worksheets which guide my students along the path of discovery. Below you can download one of them:

First, draw the students’ attention to the traffic lights. Elicit the order in which the colours go. Then ask them to read the example.

Don’t explain anything. Just say “Let the colours guide you” and ask them to complete the sentences 1-4.

Check their answers.

Then ask the students to complete the sentences 5-10. Try to explain as little as possible, but monitor the students and help those who struggle.

Once again, check the students’ answers and then tell them to complete the rest of the exercise. Check answers again.

Forming the rules

In the second exercise, students should form their own rules. In the oblong shapes, they should write their own explanations which words go at the beginning, middle and end.

Then offer your explanation. The red words are the subject and the modal verbs. The yellow words are the adverbs of frequency. And the green words are the verbs.

In the last exercise, students divide the words from the sentences into the correct shapes.

Check their answers again.


Now, I would love to tell you that your mission is complete. But it is not so. You need to revise the grammar with your students, otherwise, they will forget.

You can find an online revision tool at . If you click the Button Project 2 Present simple, you will find several sentences which practise this grammar.

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