Body Parts Vocabulary

Body parts small children web

Recently Fluency MC and I worked on a post about body parts. In the post we presented about thirty parts of the body. We used a wonderful rap song by Jason Levine, an infographic and a quiz to teach these words.

Then Jules from English Through Music Madrid contacted me and informed me that he has a new song on body parts for young students of English. I immediately loved the song, and we agreed that I will create a post on it.

In this post you will find that great song, an infographic, a revision video and a quiz with two games. We hope you will find all these useful.

Body Parts Vocabulary – song

Here is a song by English Through Music Madrid. First watch it with your students and then ask them to point to the body parts they hear.
Next, the students can sing along.
At the end of the lesson I would recommend that they listen to the song and complete the following lyrics:
Body parts for young learners

Body Parts Vocabulary – infographic

Here is an infographic with all the parts from the song. It is suitable for presenting the vocabulary and for practising it. After you present the parts, drill the pronunciation and then ask the students to cover the picture on the left and label the parts on the right.

Body parts small children web

Full size picture

Body Parts Vocabulary – quiz

[showmyadsa] The following quiz can help your students practise the body parts. They can take the quiz either at school or at home. It consists of two parts. In the first part, students should match the words and the pictures. In the second part, students have to write the words. The students will be rewarded with a game after each part of the quiz they pass. The quiz is in HTML5, so it will play on all desktops and mobile devices.

Body parts quiz

Body Parts Vocabulary – revision video

If you want to revise the vocabulary quickly in class this video is one of the best ways to do it. Ask your students to take a piece of paper and something to write with and play the video. The students have to write the name of each body part before it is displayed. They have about 12 seconds for each word.

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