Popes English

Pope’s English

I was looking for some short and useful activities which I could use in class. For a long time I could not find any interesting, yet extremely short texts which I could use if I had between five and ten minutes to spare. And then I encountered Pope Francis’ tweets and I tried to convert them into a teaching material.
[showmyads] In this post there is a small worksheet with the quote, a vocabulary exercise, a reading comprehension and several discussion questions. Moreover, there is a short video where you can drill the quote. I hope you will find the material useful.

Pope’s English – video

Watch the video and repeat the phrase. Play the video at least twice to remember the sentence.

Pope’s English – worksheet

Print the following worksheet and ask the students to complete it. First, students read the words and try to translate them. Then the students should fill the words into the crossword.
After that ask the students to answer the reading comprehension questions and discuss the questions first in pairs and then in bigger groups.

Popes English

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