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Halloween is coming, and it would be nice if we had a set of fresh activities for this occasion. Children remember everything, and it is pretty embarrassing when you recycle something and the children shout out- “I know this!!! We’ve already done it.” Or, “My sister told me that you did this last year with her.” To help you out a bit, here is a set of new activities for Halloween.
In this post you can find a colouring activity for young learners, a new song with lyrics and a Halloween board game. I hope your Halloween lesson goes well.

Halloween activities – song

You can do several things with this song. First, you can ask the students to watch the video and sing along.
Second, you can print the following worksheet and ask the students to listen and complete the lyrics. Play the recording at least twice.
Third, especially with young learners, ask the students to do some physical activity whenever they hear the word “Halloween”.

You can download the lyrics worksheet here:
Halloween song – worksheet

Halloween Halloween
Spooky kooky Halloween
Halloween Halloween
Creepy freaky Halloween

Witches’ broomsticks fill the sky
While zombies rise from graveyards
Such a gruesome sight on Halloween night
Better hope you don’t die of fright!


Moans and groans to chill your bones
A werewolf howls at the full moon
Banshees add to the hullabaloo
You know there’s room in my coffin for two!


All alone
The room goes cold
Something slithers in the shadows
Better shut your eyes
You’re in for a surprise
Soon you won’t fear a thing


Halloween activities – rap

My friend Jason -better known as Fluency MC– has created the following rap song.

I like it and that is why I created the following activities:

First students listen and complete the following worksheet with the lyrics.

Halloween rap – lyrics

Then ask the students to complete the following mind map with the words from the lyrics. If you teach a group of advanced students you can skip the first step and ask them to listen and complete the mind map:

On Halloween you can mind map

At the end of the activity you can display the following questions and ask your students to work in pairs and ask and answer the questions.

  • What are you going to do on Halloween night?
  • What are you going to be?
  • Where are you going to go?
  • What are you going to wear?

Halloween activities – vocabulary activities

The lyrics above contain a lot of words connected with Halloween. It might be a good idea to exploit them.

Print the following mind map and ask the students to complete it with the words from the song.

Halloween mind map

You can find the mind map in the following pdf file:
Halloween vocabulary – mind map pdf

Halloween activities – present simple questions

Here is a speaking activity for elementary students. Print the worksheet and hand out the tables.

Students work in pairs or in groups of three. If they work in pairs cut the first page and give each student one of the tables.

If they work in groups of three print page two and cut the paper in three and hand them out.

Students must not look into their partner’s worksheet. They ask questions in present simple and complete their tables.

They must speak English all the time.

Halloween – pair speaking

Halloween activities – colouring activity

Young learners of English like to colour. However, every colouring activity should be educational. In the following activity students will practise colours and parts of body.

First, print the worksheet. There are two pages. Students should work in pairs, and within each pair the students should have different worksheets.
Check that the children remember the colours and parts of the body, and ask them to colour the pictures according to the instructions.

Next, ask the students to tell their partners what colours they used. The other student listens and colours the pumpkin in their worksheet. When they finish, they swap roles.
Halloween colouring activity

Halloween activities – board game

In the following game students should practise their speaking and Halloween vocabulary. The rules are simple.

Halloween board game web
Halloween speaking game
  1. Students should play in groups of three or four.
  2. Students place their tokens wherever they like in the haunted house. They throw the dice and move in one direction. They can change direction only at a crossroads or at the end of a corridor.
  3. The aim of the game is to collect as many ghosts as possible.
  4. If they land on a ghost, they get a card with a ghost.
  5. If they land on a TREAT or TRICK, they draw a card.
  6. TREAT cards contain a task the students have to do (usually telling a story.) At the end of each TREAT card there is a REWARD section which states the maximum number of ghosts the student can get. The other students listen and then decide how many ghosts the student deserves.
  7. A TRICK card just says whether the student receives or loses some number of ghosts.
  8. Set a time limit (15 minutes should be fine), and finish the game.


The picture of the time was purchased at DREAMSTIME.com

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