Office equipment vocabulary

Office vocabulary infographic

Most of the people who learn English spend their life in an office. Therefore it is neccessary for them to learn the names of the equipment there.
[showmyads] In this post I introduce 25 office vocabulary items in an infographic and a video. You can then practise all the words in interactive quizzes (over 70 quiz questions) and in a paper worksheet. Moreover, if you have your own blog, you can share the activities.

Office Equipment – infographic

The following infographic contains 25 vocabulary items. Students should first study the picture and try to remember the meaning of the words.

Office vocabulary infographic

You can practise or learn the correct pronunciation of the words in the following video. Simply, listen and repeat:

Office Equipment – quizzes

The activities above are ideal to introduce the words and their meaning. However, to really learn the words, you have to use them and practise them. In the following quizzes you have to produce the words and thus there is a bigger chance that you will remember them.
The first quiz is interactive and as it is in HTML 5, it will play on any mobile device.

Office equipment – full screen quiz

If you do not like doing quizzes on the screen, you can print out the following pdf files and use them instead. There are several tasks to practise all the words.

Office vocabulary worksheet

Office vocabulary key

Office vocabulary – share

If you like the quiz above and you would like to share it on your blog or use it in a classroom without an internet connection, you can do this. You can download all the files here and upload them to your site just unpack the files and use them in the classroom:

Office Vocabulary

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  1. Hicham
    thank you very much
    29/06/2021 at 10:30 pm
  2. I dont like English because my lenguage is Spanish.
    28/10/2021 at 11:05 am
  3. This is an interesting and useful post for anyone looking to improve their English language skills through games. It's great that the author has provided a variety of resources and activities to help with vocabulary building, and I look forward to trying some of these out myself!
    11/12/2023 at 8:45 pm

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