Present perfect tense – grammar explanation


Some time ago I presented here an infographics on present perfect tense. This infographic contains a lot of interesting information but when I tried to teach the present perfect tense using it, I found out that I failed. That is why I have prepared this new one where I try to introduce the form and the basic usage of the present perfect tense.
To teach the grammar successfully though the students have to know the past participles. You can learn present past participles here. There is mind map and three games to learn 40 of them.

Present perfect tense – mindmap

This mind map shows the form of present perfect tense and the basic usage.

The simple explanation of present perfect tense

Present perfect tense – RAP

We have used a rap before to explain the grammar. You can see the explanation of the present simple and present continuous tenses here and the rap presentation of past participles here.
Play this rap after reading the graphics above and it should help you memorise the form and the usage of the grammar.

Present perfect tense – practise

And now it is time to practise the grammar. Try the following video. Watch and use the words on the screen to make a sentence in the present perfect tense. 

You can play other games for example here in our post Present perfect basic.


I hope this post helped you understand the usage and form of the present perfect tense better. You can find more grammar posts on our blog. For example, there is a post on Second conditional or creation of questions starting with HOW. Enjoy.

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18 Comments on “Present perfect tense – grammar explanation”

  1. Hey I wanna learn English ,conversations skills listening and every thing plzz answer if u can help plzzzz

  2. These ideas are meaningful in learning and teaching. I would really appreciate you keep on sharing. You might vary materials within main skills and subskills. I apprerciate the effort you make. Lots of and lots of people take advantage of this, at least my students.

  3. Thank you so much because of this clues, all of them are amazing ¡¡

  4. The next post will be on reading and listening. I hope you will find it useful.

  5. You are a genius, Present perfect in a rap song !!!!!
    My students will love it .

  6. I need some information about past perfect and past perfect continuous.

    Thanks for your help..

  7. There is a post on past perfect. I have not planned a post on past perfect continuous yet. Maybe in the future.

  8. Hiya, I’m so glad to chance upon your infograhics on present perfect tense. Can I print this to teach my nephew who has Autism ? I think it will help him to get a better grip this topic. Thank you.

  9. Yes, everybody can print the infographics if they do not want to sell them.

  10. We often use the present perfect to say what we’ve done in an unfinished time period, such as today, this week, this year, etc., and with expressions such as

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