Past simple vs past continuous grammar

Past continuous tense – usage

In our previous post, we tried to explain how to form the past continuous tense in English. In this post, we will try to show you when you should use the past continuous tense.

Here, you will find two videos. The first video is called Grammar Point and it contains an explanation of the grammar and a simple grammar challenge. The second video is much more demanding. It is a video by the Youtuber Nigahiga and your task is to answer the questions during the video. Moreover, there is an infographic for visual learners. In this infographic, we try to explain the grammar clearly and visually.
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Past simple and continuous – Grammar Point

Watch the video and listen to the explanation of the usage of the past continuous tense in English. In the second part of the video, there is a grammar challenge. You will hear some sounds and your task is to say what happened. You have six seconds to provide your answer before you hear the correct response.

Past simple and continuous – Infographic

If you feel that you need some visual support to understand the grammar, you can try the following infographic. In this infographic, we try to explain the usage of the past continuous tense.

Past continuous usage infographic

You can download the full-size image here:
Past simple or past continuous – full size image

Past simple and continuous – video

To practice the grammar, try the following video. Watch the video. The recording will stop after a while and you have to choose the correct answer for each question. Most of the questions concentrate on the difference between the past simple and continuous tense.

Watch the video and choose the correct options.
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  1. The video is too quick. Totally impossible for my students to understand such a quick speech. 🙁

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