Snake – Quiz Game Template

Snake Quiz game template

When I was a child, the Snake game was incredibly popular. Of course, that was a long time ago. The games have changed since but when I see how popular the game Slitherio (a new version of the Snake game) is, I believe children have not changed that much. And they might appreciate if we bring the Snake game into our classroom and use it to teach something.

A few years ago, the website was very popular. They offered games, where you could add your own questions and they generated a simple game your students could play. Unfortunately, they have chosen the Flash technology, and this technology was killed by Steve Jobs.

Nowadays, I cannot see anything like this on the web. That is why I decided to create and share the following game template with you. In this template, you can edit the questions in any way you like and use the resulting games in your classes.

Snake game – play

The rules of the game are really simple. You use the arrows and control the snake. Your task is to eat as many eggs as you can. Once you eat an egg, you must answer a question. If you answer the question incorrectly, hit the wall or hit the snake´s body, you lose and you have to start again.

You can try the game here. Your task is to put the verbs in the brackets into the past continuous tense.

Snake game – EDITING

It is incredibly simple to create your own game. Download the file, unzip it. Then just open the questions.txt file, edit it and save it. And that´s it. Now if you start the game, it will use your questions.

The questions.txt file uses the following structure: correct answer/question/>

You have to leave the slashes and > there, otherwise the game will not work. You should have 30 questions and answers there, but the game will work with fewer questions, too.

There are two versions of the game: website version and desktop version.

Once you download the website version, change the questions and upload it to your web. THE GAME WILL NOT WORK IF IT IS NOT UPLOADED.

Snake game – for a website

The desktop version will work everywhere, it is enough to click on the nw.exe file.

Desktop – Windows 32 bits Desktop – Windows 64 bits
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