Used to, Get used to and Be used to

Recently one of my readers asked me to write a post on USED TO, GET USED TO and BE USED TO. He wanted a clear infographic and some exercises to practise the grammar. So I did exactly that. I created an infographic, an online quiz and a simple worksheet to help you learn these phrases.



The following infographic tries to explain the difference and usage of these phrases:

Get used to, be used to and used to phrases

Phrases BE USED TO and GET USED TO are followed by the gerund (-ing form) while USED TO is followed by an infinitive. BE USED TO and GET USED TO mean to be/get accustomed to. BE USED TO describes a state and GET USED TO describes a change in state.

USED TO is used to speak about repeated actions or states in the past which usually are not true any more.


To practise the grammar, try the following online quiz. Choose the correct answers and click them. Then you can see how well you understand the grammar.

You can share your results on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

If you prefer using a paper worksheet, here is one which you can use.

Used to worksheet facebook
In the first activity, your students should read the sentences and tick the ones that are grammatically correct. In the second exercise, students should fill in the verbs in the correct form.
You can download the pdf file with the worksheet here:


I hope you find these materials useful and that you will use them in your classes. If you are looking only for some materials to teach only USED TO for past actions, you can try our post on this grammar here. Moreover, you can find more activities to practise the grammar in our post USED TO additional grammar activities here.

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    Do you have the answers to the worksheet? THANKS!

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    La hoja de respuestas, gracias

  3. Maestro del ingles

    estos ejercicios em han sido de gran ayuda para aprender y para mejorar mis skills en el ingles, muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda, las imagenes del used to son muy utiles, gracias

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