Used to – learn to speak about things in the past

Used to mind map

This will be quite a short post. But sometimes easy does it. So, I hope it will be the case.

I would love to explain the usage and form of Used to here. To achieve this I have created the following mind map:

Used to – mind map

In this mind map I try to explain the form and usage of the form USED TO:


Used to mind map

Used to – games

There are two simple games to practise the grammar explained above. The first one is called On target. Your task is to choose the correct form to complete the sentences and then you will get a chance to shoot the bad ducks. You have 5 shots but you might win a bonus if you shoot one of the bottles 🙂

Used to – On Target

On target game (Flash)

Used to – Teacher invaders

The second game is called Teacher invaders. Shoot all the invaders and save the Earth. Moreover, your task is to complete each sentence with the correct form of “USED TO”.

Teacher invaders game

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