Negative prefixes – games


Negative prefixes are very productive. It seems that if you learn these then you might be able to create countless English words. However, it is not enough to learn only the prefixes. As each word has its own prefix and there are just a few rules you have to learn the whole words.
Knowing this, I took 4,000 most frequent words in English and I looked for the words with negative prefixes among them. Once I found them I created the following mind map:

Negative prefixes – a mind map

[showmyads] Negative prefixes mind map

Go through the mind map above and use a dictionary if you do not know any of the words.

Negative prefixes – games

Once you think that you know the words with negative prefixes I believe it is time to test your knowledge in games. This time there are 4 games. The first two (En Garde and On Target) contain the same tasks in different games. Choose the one you like better and plaaaaaay!!!

Negative prefixes – En Garde
Negative prefixes – On target

In the game called Half a minute your task is to put the jumbled word into the correct order. It is not easy but if you know the words you should manage to do this.

Negative prefixes – Half a minute

The last game is called Teacher invaders. Your task is to shoot all the invaders and write the words with negative prefixes. I believe this is the most difficult game, so give it a try!!!

Negative prefixes – Teacher invaders

Negative prefixes – a blind mind map

Have you played all the games and they were a piece of cake? Let’s try something more challenging. Print the following mind map and complete it with the missing words:


A blidn mind map on Negative prefixes


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  1. Hi, I have read it and I will definitely bookmark your site, just wanted to say i liked this article.

  2. I foun them very interesting and useful. However, I couldn’t download or even see them because of the format… How could i do it? would you help me with that?, please!

  3. Just right-click on the picture and choose Copy the picture. Insert the picture into Word and print it.

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