Second conditional – a simple explanation of a difficult grammar point

Second conditional mind map

Several weeks ago I published a post on Conditionals. In the post, I tried to cover all the conditionals in one mind map and I think that I succeeded.
However, the post was unnecessarily complicated for lower level students. Therefore I created a simpler one for lower intermediate students who need to know only the second conditional. Here you can see the result.

Second conditional – mind map

The mind map very simply depicts the form and usage of the second conditional.

Second conditional mind map
Second conditional is that simple 🙂
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7 Comments on “Second conditional – a simple explanation of a difficult grammar point”

  1. On question 4, there is an unnecessary word, “to”, before “Mother Theresa”. This makes any of the choices incorrect! Otherwise a very enjoyable quick game.

  2. Could you tell me what software you use for making these mind maps? They are absolutely adorable 🙂 Thank you in advance for the reply.

  3. I have been using iMindmap, Maple Mind and eDrawMax. All of the tools can do some wonderful things.

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