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Food – elementary vocabulary

Food, glorious food … Food is one of the most important vocabulary areas to teach. You can teach about 30 different vocabulary items connected with food in this post. There are several activities to use: an infographic, a video and an online quiz.

Learn English online – Food vocabulary video

First you can introduce and teach the vocabulary using the following video:


Learn English online – Food vocabulary infographic

Here is a mind map to help your students learn the new words. They should study the right side first and then fill in the left side.

food mind map

Learn English online – Quiz

And to practise the new vocabulary your students can try the following online quiz. If they get more than 80% answers correct they can play a game called Angry Finches.

Food quiz and game

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Download the full mind map here.

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  1. it’s very good method for teaching i wish i could see more maps contain other elements

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